My name is Josh Troutman, disciple and founder of Kreative Supply Co.

When I first began Kreative Supply Co, the vision was to create a platform. A platform to be used by talented artists and designers and create an environment where they can thrive. A collective place where anyone can come to find clothing, paintings and the like. The clothing section, although, had a hard time taking off. A few months ago we felt led to put together a big event. We were going to invite all our friends and family that could do art and wanted to create our own art gallery. I could make it the art gallery I always wanted to be in. The night ended up being a huge success! Large groups of people poured in from opening to closing, eager to enjoy the art and company. The place was packed! Art was sold, and people had a great time. It was then that we decided to re-vamp the website to cater upcoming galleries and hold a collection of art for sale. The updated website now features up and coming artists, as well as well known local artists. If you are an artist that would want to be featured on our website, contact us! The goal is to continue to grow as we help artists grow. But, we need your help!


The next art gallery we are planning is to be in March, at the Artiface – a local art bar in the art district, downtown Las Vegas. We can’t wait to set-up at this venue and look forward to taking over downtown with our unique “armory” of talented artists and friends. Stay tuned for updates!